Terms of Membership & Code of Conduct

All members of the Aviation Professionals Club (APC) agree to fully comply with the Terms of Membership & Code of Conduct.

The APC Committee consider that on confirmation of your APC membership that you have read and understood this document and agree to comply with the Terms of Membership & Code of Conduct at all times. The Terms of Membership & Code of Conduct provides due notice to the APC member that any breech of conduct will be the subject of any disciplinary procedure, as laid down in The Disciplinary Procedure Document.

1. Terms of Membership

The Aviation Professionals Club committee may change these terms from time to time and so you should check these terms regularly.

Disclaimer: The APC & its Committee, and any outlet or facility honouring any discount or deal in relation to the APC assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred whilst using any APC membership card.

The duration of the membership is in line with the expiry date of members UAE Emirates identity card if on a monthly payment option.

Children are free of charge on the membership up to the age of 16yrs. Children must be accompanied by the adult member at all times when visiting our clubs.

A Partner change on the membership is only permitted after the current partner has been on the membership for 12 consecutive months. 

A Partner must be a spouse, legal partner or close family friend. 

Payment is processed online and can be paid monthly or upfront for 12 months.

On expiry of a membership card, it is the member's responsibility to inform APC of non renewal. If membership is renewed after the expiry date, payment must be made for months from the renewal date for a continuous membership.

Members who are eligible to apply for APC Insurance policies must hold a valid APC membership for the term of the policy. APC reserves the right to cancel any insurance policies when a valid membership is not held and no refund on premiums paid will apply.

Eligibility to apply for APC Insurance policies is restricted to certain membership categories, for further clarification email [email protected].

Membership Cancellation

If membership is cancelled prior to UAE identity card expiry date and member pays monthly in advance no pro rata will apply for the month the membership is cancelled.

For members who pay upfront annually, a pro rata refund will be applied less an admin fee of 50dhs. This is only applicable for 3 months or more.

If membership is cancelled voluntarily, and the member would like to rejoin at a later date a 6-month waiting time and a 350dhs admin fee applies.

APC will cancel membership after 2 months of failed payment. If a member requests to rejoin, payment must be upfront for 12 months and 350dhs admin fee applies.

Admin & Bank Fees

Admin Fee - 350dhs / Reprinting lost cards 150dhs / change partner 150dhs / upgrade membership 150dhs / Direct Debit amendment or cancellation 25dhs.

2. Responsibility of the APC Member

Each member is solely responsible for their own APC membership.

Lost cards must be reported to the APC office immediately. The APC office will cancel the validity of that card and an application for a new card must be made by the APC member.

If a member’s card is presented at a venue without the member being present, the absent member will be assumed to be complicit in the cards fraudulent use and will be deemed as “Serious Misconduct”, as defined in the Disciplinary Procedure document.

It is the responsibility of the APC member that the membership subscriptions are duly paid.

This document must be made available to any Temporary Dependent Members and Young Adult Members.

3. Conduct

The primary APC member is solely responsible for the actions of nominated spouse or Partner, children, Temporary Dependent Members and Young Adult Members.

When arriving at a partner venue, admission is not guaranteed due to the finite number of memberships negotiated by the APC.

The administration of these numbers is done by the gate personnel and protocol could vary from venue to venue.

There is to be no negotiation of the entrance protocol with the entrance attendant.

Should the member feel there is an anomalous situation, he/she is to contact the APC office directly and discuss the issue with the APC General Manager only.

Negotiating your entrance with the gate personnel can be construed as “Misconduct” and will initiate disciplinary procedure.

Each Member (for him or herself and on behalf of his or her partner, family members and guests) agrees to behave in such a way as to show respect to all other Members and their partners, family members and guests. The member takes full responsibility to ensure that all those included on his or her membership adhere to the Terms of Membership.

All members must avoid any action or inaction which might bring the APC into disrepute.

A member must not abuse membership rights.

All members must refrain from misuse, maltreatment or misappropriation or loss of equipment owned by the APC and made available to members at Partner Venues.

Any interaction with APC Office Personnel must be conducted in a courteous manner.